2016 Memorable Trips

After roaming around Asia the past couple of years, 2016 was a relatively quiet year in terms of trips. We didn’t do many, but what we did we enjoyed. 10 Jan – Mount Ainslie, Canberra. 7 March – Australian Institute of Police Management at Manly, Sydney 26 March – Mount Pinnacle, Canberra 23 April – … More 2016 Memorable Trips

A Cinema-goer’s Guide to Freedom and Liberty

Cinemas everywhere have little hesitation in making movie-goers sit through 15-20 minutes of advertising before each movie. It struck me recently that the amount of eye-rolling one experiences in those 15-20 minutes is actually a pretty good index of a country’s freedom and liberty. In India, one is made to stand and sing the national … More A Cinema-goer’s Guide to Freedom and Liberty