A Different Side of Singapore

I stayed at my sister’s new place in Pasir Ris in my latest trip to Singapore and were treated to a different side of the island nation.

This is what I wake up to every morning.


Changi Airport is just to the right of the photo and we can see planes coming up and down every 2-3 minutes all day long, which fascinates my father no end.

Our after-breakfast walking path to the Pasir Ris Park is now so full of wild chickens the local council is thinking of doing some culling to keep the population in control.


On my second last day, we saw a family of 3-4 oriental pied hornbills. We see them all the time in Muar so they are not exactly uncommon, but it’s nice to see them flourishing in the city nation too.


With otters, wild boars, and monkeys all starting to appear in different parts of the country, Singapore is certainly looking like it’s evolving from a garden city to a “nature city”.  If only Singaporeans will take the time to look up from time to time and appreciate the beauty around them… now, that’ll be a different side of Singapore to behold.



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