Interesting Singapore Optics

I have just returned from my annual pilgrimage to Singapore and here are some interesting optics that caught my attention during this trip.

I have seen this sign multiple times before at Pasir Ris Park from previous trips.


But this trip is the first time I encountered a 3-D version when this lone ranger popped into view on my second day in Singapore.


Naturally, I completely disobeyed the sign and move towards the boar instead of away from it, and soon the boar disappeared into the bush sensing my curiosity. My wife joked that luckily I didn’t end up being the subject of a “Clueless Aussie ran down by Charging Boar” news article.

Talking of boar and bak kut (pork ribs), I saw this menu when I fulfilled my craving at a local BKT outlet. Singaporeans pride themselves on food innovations, but it’s hard not to conclude that Frog Bak Kut Teh, let alone a Mala Spicy version, is pushing that innovation a tad too far….


This next photo is from nearby Bintan Island, but it’s close enough as a Singapore optic given it’s really designed to cater for Singaporean families.


Yes, it’s a giant swimming pool that took me 30 minutes to walk around it. Ironically, it’s located right next to some spectacular beaches, and you have to wonder what’s the point until you take a stroll on a nearby beach and see this little sign.


There’s a point in starting and ending this blog post with a sign: wild boars in developed Singapore (20 metres away from an MRT station) and oil spills on a beautiful beach in developing Indonesia (1.5 hours away from the nearest town centre) tell an interesting and contrasting tale around human’s impact on the environment.

Until next year.



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