Time for Roses!

A selection of roses from the garden. We are closer to the end than the start of the bloom, but most of the roses are still spectacular to look at. Brought to you by the previous owners of the house; all we did was prune hard last summer and making sure they survive. šŸ™‚  

Oh My Wisteria

In addition to blooming magnolia trees, another visual spectacle to feast the eyes in Canberra during spring are flowering wisteria vines. I tried my best to kill off this hardy climber along our side fence in the summer, only to have it bloom hard in our face this last month, mocking my folly. From humble … More Oh My Wisteria

Signs of Spring

There is still another month of chill to get through, but signs of spring are now all around our house in Canberra! Top row: magnolia tree and almond tree; bottom row: liquidambar tree. The birds are starting to come back too. (Photos taken on 27 August 2016.)  

A Garden’s Tale

BeforeĀ – We came home to this garden after 3.5 years away. DuringĀ – We decided to do a little project. It took quite a bit longer than we anticipated… AfterĀ But I think it’s all worth it. Ā  Material cost: $1 per paver. Labour cost: $85 per squared meter. A pair of happy birds: Priceless