Large-Scale Distributed Analytics: A Research Program

Since starting my part-time appointment as an associate professor at the Australian National University, I have been thinking about spending more time on fundamental research. As Don Knuth counsels, “if you find that you’re spending almost all your time on theory, start turning some attention to practical things; it will improve your theories. If you … More Large-Scale Distributed Analytics: A Research Program

The Learn-R Algorithm

Identify a problem that would benefit from using R Read An Introduction to R by Venables, Smith, and the R Core Team Work on solving the identified problem using R Get access to resources with lots of R code templates for solving different problems (e.g. Handbook of Statistical Analysis using R by Everitt and Hothorn and Data … More The Learn-R Algorithm

Agile Data Science: A Portfolio Approach to Managing An Analytics Team

I recently concluded a two-year stint managing a team of ten highly skilled analytics professionals spread across three different locations. There were of course many challenges but the team over-achieved on just about every measure of success one can imagine. The team’s wins include completing on-time and under-budget a data-matching project that delivers tens of … More Agile Data Science: A Portfolio Approach to Managing An Analytics Team

Ariely’s Mental Model on Dishonesty

Dan Ariely is always worth reading and I picked up The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty over the Christmas break and it did not disappoint. The key findings of Ariely’s work in this area are summarised in the following diagram, which lists some of the factors and forces that are shown through experimental studies to shape dishonesty, both … More Ariely’s Mental Model on Dishonesty