Signs of Spring

There is still another month of chill to get through, but signs of spring are now all around our house in Canberra! Top row: magnolia tree and almond tree; bottom row: liquidambar tree. The birds are starting to come back too. (Photos taken on 27 August 2016.)  

IBM Watson: Fake It till You Make It?

Like many AI researchers, I watched wide-eyed when IBM’s Watson beat human world champions at the difficult game of Jeopardy in 2011. It was a watershed event in AI history and it certainly provided a much-needed boost to knowledge-representation-based approaches to AI, against a backdrop of 20 years of superior advances in statistical approaches to AI.… More IBM Watson: Fake It till You Make It?

Life with a Greyhound

The NSW and ACT governments have just announced a ban of greyhound racing starting in 2017 following a Four Corners investigation into animal cruelty in the industry. Taking a long-term view, there can be no doubt that this is a good decision. However, to make sure the decision doesn’t turn into a disaster in the short-term,  we… More Life with a Greyhound