Happy Anniversary, Talbot!

15 May 2016 – First Meeting

27 May 2016 – First day in the house

A little unsure, missing Susan

May 2016 – Getting comfy


June 2016 – Experimenting and putting on weight

July 2016 – Grrrl, the chill, but thank god for Annie’s coats

August 2016 – This is my house and I’ll do whatever I like


September 2016 – A little bit of sun shine to help lift the mood


October 2016 – Waiting for summer


November 2016 – Ah, warm grass


December 2016 – The silly season, and fingers crossed they can get over Bailey’s character flaws

January 2017 – Partner in crime


February 2017 – Off come the muzzles after 4 weekends of training with David Bullivant @ Naughty Dog Trainers. Bailey did better than me, but I was just going for a pass.

March 2017 – Handsome as ever


April 2017 – Oh no, here comes the chill again


May 2017 – A good family outing


Talbot: This has been the best year of my life.

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