Random Summer Pics

2018 Canberra Balloon Spectacular — a 5:30am start to the day but the view was worth it.



I set up a small pond in the yard and it has turned into a water hole for all the thirsty bees and wasps from the area.


One of the unpleasant summer chores is removing these big huntsman spiders from the house. I killed two — one by accident and one intentionally because it was really aggressive — but we trapped and released all others.


This has been a really dry summer and I think our cherry blossom tree is probably toast but the peach tree seemed to have thrived under the dry weather, producing these good-looking and sweet peaches.


This little red rose came out of nowhere from what I thought is a dead plant.


And this guy certainly has been enjoying the heat. It was half the current size at the start of summer.


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