The Learn-R Algorithm

  1. Identify a problem that would benefit from using R
  2. Read An Introduction to R by Venables, Smith, and the R Core Team
  3. Work on solving the identified problem using R
  4. Get access to resources with lots of R code templates for solving different problems (e.g. Handbook of Statistical Analysis using R by Everitt and Hothorn and Data Mining with Rattle and R by Williams)
  5. Loop until (using R almost every day)
    1. Identify a problem to be solved using R
    2. Reuse R code templates to get quick results
    3. Reflect on the results and the code
  6. Read The Art of R Programming by Matloff and Advanced R by Wickham
  7. Keep using R
  8. Contribute to R by improving existing packages or building new packages

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