Pixar on Management

With movies like Toy Story, Up, Finding Nemo, and Wall-E, Pixar has left an indelible mark on the world, enriching our personal lives with characters that speak to us at a deeply emotional level.  With the publication of the book Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull, Pixar now stand a chance to change our professional lives for the better, … More Pixar on Management

Customer Lifetime Value and Its Application in Retail Analytics

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a relatively new framework stemming from the idea of “treatment of customers as an asset”, in use at innovative companies like Harrah’s, IBM, and Capital One. The definition is a fairly natural one: CLV is the net present value of profit from all the future purchases a customer is going to … More Customer Lifetime Value and Its Application in Retail Analytics


Greyhounds are such wonderful pets it’s hard for owners to stop at one and so it is that we found ourselves adopting a second grey on 30 Dec 2016 after a 3-week trial period, our last act for the year. His name is Bailey — it was Buick — and he’s a 2 year-old from Queanbeyan. … More Bailey

Lifting the Fog on Machine Learning Maths

Confession: As a computer scientist, I have always been comfortable with discrete mathematics. However, continuous maths, especially the type commonly seen in statistical machine learning, have always been a challenge for me. In fact, I lived through the last 15 years of my professional life in a more-or-less constant fog of partial understanding when it … More Lifting the Fog on Machine Learning Maths

2016 Memorable Trips

After roaming around Asia the past couple of years, 2016 was a relatively quiet year in terms of trips. We didn’t do many, but what we did we enjoyed. 10 Jan – Mount Ainslie, Canberra. 7 March – Australian Institute of Police Management at Manly, Sydney 26 March – Mount Pinnacle, Canberra 23 April – … More 2016 Memorable Trips