2019 – A Year in Photos

January: Bailey injured his dew claw (again) at the dog park on new year’s day. 😦

February: Bathroom renovation started after much planning.

March: Mission accomplished!!

April: More trips to the vets…

May: Teaching a class at the ANU (with EI). The two lego creations are supposed to capture the complexity of Know-Your-Customer regulations. 😉

May again:  A trip to the Canberra Zoo. Also a new central heater installed after minor gas leakage was found in the old unit.


June: My first-ever tire replacement.

July: Secure p-sig protocol for privacy-preserving record linkage completed (with HIL).

August: The daffodils made their annual appearance.

September: A trip to the west of the country.


October: Family photo at Floriade

November: The hot water unit also succumbed to old age.

December: Views from Bangkok Zoo

December: Happiest pig at the Swiss Farm in Hua Hin and a family of boars at Pasir Ris. A tale of two pigs to end the year of the pig. 🙂



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