Robert Kuok’s Trading Algorithm from 1963

I am reading Robert Kuok’s autobiography and these two paragraphs from the chapter Vintage 1963 jumped out at me.

“Success in futures depends on your feel for the market, your instincts and rhythm. I would talk to different brokers. Each company had bright, young English traders. One or two would be a little cunning, but, by and large, the British are straightforward. I felt every man had his lucky hour or day, and his unlucky hour or day. I would go and chat with all of them.

I would go to Woodhouse Drake for about twenty minutes, then say, “See you,” and hop across to Golodetz. Then I’d visit ED&F Man, before calling on one or two more firms. I would think, “Today is Keith Talbot’s lucky day or Roy Taylor’s lucky day.” I would ask a question or two, “How would you trade today?” If Roy Taylor said, “I’d go long,”, I’d follow him. Three times out of four it worked. I just backed the man I felt had a good hunch — the best judgment — that day.”

Can you recognise elements of modern Bayesian mixture and online-learning algorithms in his trading strategy?



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