One Year of Bailey Baloney

Meet Bailey from Queanbeyan.

Dec 2016

It’s a bit embarrassing now but, twelve months ago, I was an insecure pup and often cry and chew whenever the adults are away. My coat was in pretty patchy condition too. Dad likes to show me these photos to remind me of my humble beginnings.

But luckily for me Aunt Susan and mum were able to look past all that and see me for who I really am: a sweet, clever chap that loves life and can make the family laugh with my silliness.

There’s a bright and pliable mind behind my sweet, innocent eyes. Just look at what I can do with a few stools. And what a difference a bit of TLC made to my coat! (I highly recommend fish-oil everyday for you lot out there with a bit of fur problem.)

It’s been a year since I joined the household and there are many things to savour, including ice-cubes in the January summer heat and green alien octopus.

February was muzzle-off training month, which I easily passed to forever say bye to muzzles during walkie time.

March is a time of waiting: me waiting for mom and dad to come home, and them waiting (somewhat impatiently) for me to become more settled. (It’s a process, according to the shrinks. :P)


Zoomies in the backyard is one of my pet activities. Ten to fifteen rounds around the liquidambar tree and I am good for the day. Dad captured this video in April. He put it on Youtube so I can have a chance to become an internet celebrity and he can retire. (Another one of his get-rich-slow schemes.)

May and June are a time of playing and learning to pay attention to Mum’s rules.

July to September are cold and forgettable. I had long stopped chewing by then, but I still cry a little bit when the adults are away for too long. I know they record me with this iPad app so I sometimes intentionally make a ruckus just to make my feelings known. It would be easier if I could talk; then they’ll never hear the end of it for abandoning me for hours everyday!

October is Floriade time and we went to the Doggie Day this year. To be honest, I didn’t care too much about the tulips but there were thousands of bums to smell, which I thoroughly enjoyed.


Here’s me and Talbot in November blocking the hallway again.


Life’s a bliss now and I hope next year is just an exact replica of this year. I don’t like changes too much. Memo to mom and pop: don’t change a winning formula. 🙂

Ps: Every cloud has a silver lining, with Dad learning how to patch up woodwork.



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