Wild Lives Around the House

Our liquidambar tree is a bit of an wild lives magnet. The birds come to visit during the day and, the possums, at night. It’s a good thing Talbot, our grey, is himself an animal lover.


This kookaburra has been hanging around our backyard for the last month or so, cooing and “laughing” like it’s nobody’s business. It is still a bit shy so I can’t get a close-up photo so this is as good as it gets for now.


And, of course, the rosellas are always a feature.


Not everything is nice and friendly, of course. This centipede showed itself when I moved the garbage bin the other day… (I have actually never seen a centipede in Canberra, but my colleague told me it’s all over his garden in Queanbeyan.)


This one is wild-at-heart. 🙂


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