Time for Roses!

A selection of roses from the garden. We are closer to the end than the start of the bloom, but most of the roses are still spectacular to look at. Brought to you by the previous owners of the house; all we did was prune hard last summer and making sure they survive. 🙂  

Oh My Wisteria

In addition to blooming magnolia trees, another visual spectacle to feast the eyes in Canberra during spring are flowering wisteria vines. I tried my best to kill off this hardy climber along our side fence in the summer, only to have it bloom hard in our face this last month, mocking my folly. From humble … More Oh My Wisteria

Large-scale Subscriber Preference Modelling for Telcos – Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog article, we looked at the problem of tokenising a URL as an intermediate step towards learning user preference models from browsing histories. In Part 2, we next look at the problem of learning a URL classifier model from the preprocessed Shalla dataset using Support Vector Machines. A standard way … More Large-scale Subscriber Preference Modelling for Telcos – Part 2