The Competitive Moat of Google, Facebook and Other Data Owners

When I was building the Data Science Centre of Excellence at Reliance Industries, I once interviewed a world-class researcher who has worked at multiple institutions, including Yahoo and Google, and he told me something I didn’t understand till then. I thought a company like Google has a weak business moat because it is vulnerable to … More The Competitive Moat of Google, Facebook and Other Data Owners

A Short Course on Statistical Learning

Here is a short (and somewhat unusual) course on statistical machine learning that I have delivered multiple times over the last few years. Introduction to Statistical Learning Theory Bayesian Probability Theory Sequence Prediction and Data Compression Bayesian Networks In designing this course, I have deliberately steered away from the usual practice of giving students a (long) … More A Short Course on Statistical Learning

How to Prove It

A major deficiency in many university-level computer science programs is neglect for training in fundamental mathematical skills. This deficiency usually rears its head when a CS student first move into an area like Data Science and quickly realise s/he does not even have the ability to fully understand papers and books in the field, let alone contribute … More How to Prove It

Online Support Vector Machines

I have been studying and experimenting with online learning algorithms for support vector machines (SVMs) for a while now, primarily with the intention of understanding how they can be used to learn SVM models on large multi-terabyte datasets. The following technical report describes the NORMA and PEGASOS family of algorithms and give some observations and relevant … More Online Support Vector Machines